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A Celestial Odyssey


​A Celestial Odyssey Drawing

From the shadows' grasp, an angel takes flight, Wings aglow with courage, she battles the night. A cosmic duel unfolds, her spirit burning bright, Conquering the dark, she brings forth radiant light.Order digital printing at* Shipping included

Angel of secrets


Angel of secrets Drawing

Sometimes she is happy, because she knows what good things are coming, and she knows that soon there will be peace, but these days she is sad and shocked because she knows about all the secrets, all the lies that have been told, all the betrayals. All that humans have done to their fellows.

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​Behind the Veil


Behind the Veil: The Rotten Thinking of the Past

Step into the evocative world of my drawing, where a blind girl stands solemnly behind the bars of The Rotten Thinking of the Past. With each stroke of the pencil, I weave a tale of deception and entrapment, capturing the essence of her struggle...Order digital printing at* Shipping included

Canyon Wind


Canyon Wind Drawing

A place, a feeling, an instinct. A time of love, swirling in a windy canyon.

Cosmic Wanderers


Cosmic Wanderers  Drawing

In the distant past, when the Earth was untouched, a small group emerged as the first humans. Unaware of their true origins, they embarked on a perilous journey of survival and exploration, forging the very foundation of humanity.Order digital printing at* Shipping included

Deep-seated soul


Deep-seated soul Drawing

Every human's soul cracks, and breaks a little, with every bitter experience, and every heartbreak. Our main face actually looks like this drawing.* Shipping included




I will go to sleep one day, one day after the lies are over, one day after the end of the world, one day after God comes to earth.

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Lid Drawing

With our eyes, we see but are blind. We think we see and believe our eyes are open, but what we see is nothing but lies, and the truly important things we choose to ignore. There are so many ugliness our eyes have grown accustomed to, rendering them invisible to us. perhaps to truly see, we must clo...* Shipping included



Lineage Drawing

The lineage of all of us goes back to the same two people, let not the difference between the color of our skin and eyes, the difference between our language, the difference between the geographical point of our birth, take us away from humanity and love.

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PRICE Drawing

Freedom is a right, But it has a price.And today we have paid the price, With struggle, with blood, with the loss of our loved ones, with our beauty...

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Revolt or Regret


Revolt or Regret Drawing

We are all suffering, power-hungry for no reason, fighting over skin color and gender, hating each other because of religion, and we have closed our eyes to see nothing, and now we are used to it.* Shipping included



Stoning Drawing

What was her sin? Betrayal, not caring about her children, making decisions for herself, ignoring her husband, not being silent in the face of other people's decisions? none! I say from their point of view, it was her fault to be a woman. maybe if she were not a woman, not even her face was dusty.

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